Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yay chicks in armor!


I R have blast draw chicks in armor!

So i have a 4th chick in armor not posted, but i was thinking - welp i have one barbarian chick, i got one valkyrie, and i got one that is sorta goth'ish so i says she is the Sinister warrior. with the forth one she's like a pirate ... sorta....

so i was thinking, warrior of the north, south east and west... the valkyrie protector of all goodiness, the goth chick lives like in a volcano castle or something... the barbarion in the forest... and the pirate chick is in line at the optometrist because she's lost stereo vision.

ehhh ok i include 4th warrior here. I didnt include her to begin with cuz she wasnt that great - i dont like her much. She kinda like a chinese mongorian "gole damn schitty wall" pirate chick:

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StudioRisingStar said...

Nice Bert Nice!
Workin' on the port my self.