Monday, February 02, 2009

SGN's Skylinks Art

(above: MechPilot colored/designed by heather messegee, robots colored by Shaun Pendergast, designed by Albert Truong)

(above: UI frame colored/designed by Shaun Pendergast & Nichole Nye, MechPilot designed/colored by Heather Messegee, Mech garage designed/colored by albert truong)

Art for Skylinks Golf!

I've got the A'Ok to post some images :)

this is concept art from a SGN's Skylinks Golf.


Nadia Moon said...

Awesome! This reminds me of a cute Bioshock monster

Cole said...

Really? Thanks.

jojo said...

wow!!! nice. keep posting, cuz i will keep visiting!!

Smarry said...

Well job guys very nice color combination and well design . keep posting...........

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