Sunday, February 22, 2009

SATF original sketches

me, grant, nick, and chris will be including original sketches for a limited supply of spider and the fly books. They'll be numbered and signed. The ones above are my contribution to the stock - it'll be neat to see the other guys! they'll be in an envelope, so you'll randomly get a drawing (can't pick) - but i think that adds to the appeal to it... everyone's sketch will be different if they opt for the limited ones.

we'll be selling these at wondercon this year - we have a booth!!!! but we got a limited supply :( i know a few of you can't make it but want me to hold a copy - i might not be able to do that just because of our low stock, but i'll see what i can do post wondercon in getting you a copy!

here's one of the pages from my section - i think grant, nick, and chris may have posted similiarly on their blogs:


StudioRisingStar said...

Hey Al! I'll see you guys there at wondercan! Will you all be making more copies of spider and the fly?
I won't be able to buy one at the con. Well I'll see you there.


Smarry said...

I have ti buy one wondercon just I am feeling bad because of limited supply any where I will see you there.........

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