Monday, August 11, 2008

Returning to your roots

So ends another summer and a start of a new year for art students. For me, it's a fresh reminder that everyone has to return to their roots now and then - this means picking up the old sketchbook and going out and drawing from life. Whatever happend to those days of yore when you're drawing every moment you get?

Do any of you guys remember those days? We would all be sketching - ALL the time. I would sit in at borders just doodling, and out comes another sketch buddy, who would sit down next to me and we would just draw the people there. We would sketch till the sun drops - a 3 to 6 hour session. "Pencil Mileage"

We all tout the "We draw 100 hours a week! Every Week!" - sure sounds like B.S., but I can definitely say we did just that. We would draw from 8 am till 12 am, and then some more on the weekends! After getting outta the academy, I tried my best to keep up with sketching from life.

It's hard to find time and keep that motivation in check. What really helps me is carrying a small 3x5 moleskin notebook. These are a godsend! I try to sketch when i sit down, but as of late, it's been dragging.

I know for some of you, you guys keep it up easily (GRANT! you jerk!) - I'm just glad to be able to do it when I get the chance. I feel like if I dont sketch from life at all in a day, a little piece of me dies. Hmmm... at this rate, I shoulda been dead long ago :D

So today was nice, where I got a second to actually sit down with the wife, and we both pulled out our sketchbooks and went at it. It's nice to go back to our roots and just doodle. Maybe we can make a zoo run one of these days!?! That would be awesome!

if anyone cares to know, I carry no pencil sharpener with me. I draw with a 6B pencil, not sharp. It's a giant super dull 'nubby end. Makes it fun to do these quick 2-3 minute sketches like what you see above. at the same token, since it isnt sharp, it's hard to lift the pencil and draw accurately, so most of the time i'm just dragging it around until it makes a shape. loads of fun!


aberchild said...

You're deadly with pencil and sketchbook! Great Stuff!

StudioRisingStar said...

Nice to see you taking it back to basics.... Nice work Al! Email me G!


Grant Alexander said...

Hey cool stuff. Eh, don't feel that way, I've taken a break from the sketching too. Sometimes I use the commute time to read. I've been going to workshops at work which is helping tremendously.

Chen-Yi Chang said that it's more important to draw an hour a day than wait all week and draw for 10 hours straight. A simple habit, quiet, but consistent. Like brushing your teeth. Unless of course you don't brush your teeth Albert!!

akt said...

i gotta brush my teeth! my gums are so bad!