Friday, February 22, 2008

This lecture is great. thank you randy pausch

A university professor is giving his last speech because he is dying from cancer. It is a great lecture, 1 hour long.

this lecture for me hits close to home.

I'm watching this very slowly - it's an hour long, so i'm gonna take my time to really listen to the lecture.

it is really interesting. My parents have pushed me since childhoold to be a doctor. I had zero control of my life. Everytime i picked up a pencil and tried to draw, they would rip my drawings to shreds - said it was evil and a waste of ftime. i was miserable.

Eventually i got a degree in biology and chemistry and went to optometry school for a year. I have always thought "if i die tomorrow, what would i change right now?"

so I quit optometry school, and rather than going home, tried to make my dreams come true and left to art school. I got completely disowned and financially cut off.

Currently, i'm happily married and 5 years in the industry as a concept artist. heck, my stuff is on TV. Never been happier. my dreams are there

for those who are interested in changing their life:

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