Friday, February 01, 2008

Sketches!!!! Bus :?

I've fallen into a rut since xmas. I've been sketching a bit less, posting even less art, and have been hooked on Halo books :)

Some good came of it though: I've mailed Eric Nylund, writer of the Halo series books and writer for Microsoft Studios (writes story bibles and backstories for many games) and he wrote back to me very quickly! said thanks for the kind words but also said "Great job on Lucy!"

that's cool, i said nothing about lucy so that was nice.

Also i got a surprise email from a colleague WAAAAAAY back in 1st year of optometry school. He's a doctor now, and mentioned that he had to wake his wife up when he saw my name in the credits.

Thanks my friend! meant a great deal to me and is a big booster for my morale in this hectic world of "dog eat dog" art world.

These are the sketches i've done in the past week or so. Thanks Piya for posting on my blog, pushing me to post some art :)