Friday, August 17, 2007


SEPT 9th!!!!

edit to add: OOPS!

it's LUCY: The daughter of the devil, airing on cartoon network's ADULTSWIM @ 12:15 am on sunday'ish (monday morning technically), September 9th.

Tune in and check it out. I was responsible for most if not all the character designs and art direction for the BackGround Plates. ALSO check out Grant Alexander's and Justin Martin's handiwork (their efforts intto creating the environments for lucy to play in). Grant and Justin did a great job painting up the matte/bg plates for Lucy (They also had some handy work with Character designs: JUSTIN for his awesome MEAT LUCY and Grant for his disgusting SATAN TUMOR). They also did a wonderful job poking fun of me (YOU BASTARDS).

and to ANSWER CHRIS'S QUESTION: "IS this the pilot?" - this youtube commercial should say it all!


StudioRisingStar said...

It's me Brandon Dood!
Keep in touch man! I got a blag too!

miss you man!

Marcelo Braga said...

Great character! Simple and determined!

CCarman said...

Is it going to be new episodes or is the pilot?

either way, can't wait dood!!!

Eli said...

You sketches always leave me envious. If I had cable I'd totally watch it. Thanks for posting all this Al.