Wednesday, August 08, 2007



YOU lucky bastards that went! heck, even my boss went. But i heard it was sold out friday and he was there on wednesday, thursday, just going in everyday and paying the fee for the day pass. Couldn't get in on friday!

Ohhhhhh the books i would have saught out for. Ohhhhhh the toys i would have purchased! OHHHHH all the robot-sie transformery goodness i would have been in.

Congrats to those who went, congrats to those who brought their ports and got good reviews and not so good reviews (hey, it's all part of the process). Congrats to those who picked up MP-5 Masterpiece Megatron :)

MAYBE next year, maybe.

anyways, you know, still doing the same thing, sketching on the bus... workin' at the same place doing the same thing :) LOVING every moment of this crazy thing called work :)

anyways, doing some doodles, did some car doodles too. these were fun way to pass the time while waiting for the Harry Potter line to dwindle.

I MUST SAY - finished the book in 3 days. I've heard others doing it in 8 hours flat. JEEEEEBERS that's crazy! But now that THAT crazy thing is out of the way, i can return to my collective hobby of just doodling and dwadling and buying toys :)