Wednesday, January 07, 2009

painting on the iPhone! on the TRAIN!

I got this new cool app on the iPhone called BRUSHES :) and it lets you paint and sketch on the iphone. Wow finger painting galore! I took it for a test run on the train to and from work - shakey shakey choo choo train!

Train trip 1

Train trip 2

I love it to death :D but i gotta say - it's hard for me to draw and paint because i have nails (i play guitar), so i cant use the tip of my fingers :( i end up using the meaty part of my finger or my thumb to paint and it's the funniest thing - i can't see where i paint :D and sometimes it just comes out as a big blob in the wrong spot (most of the time :P )

This painting took two train trips to finish (2 hrs total).

I've seen some crazy cool kickass paintings from other artists with this app :) cant wait to do more!

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StudioRisingStar said...

Cool! Man all these mobile/portable
drawing programs!