Monday, January 29, 2007

I want to be Sedated!

o/` Twenty Twenty Twenty-Four Hours agoooooo, I want to be sedated!

is the current song stuck in my head at work today. So anyways, the ever so lazy Albert finally updates his blog, yet again. Here's a fun design of many that i wish i could post.

I've been browsing the other member's blogs here and everyone else's art just amazes me! Puts me to shame really :) you guys are awesome. If anyone's reading this, please visit the other links in my blog and you'll see why these guys are pros if not great artists!


dustin said...

hey man! glad i got to find you, awesoem stuff here and on your main website as well. the arcrylics and traditionals are great.

F'd up weather we're havin in LA isnt it?

akt said...

thanks dustin, i'm going to likn you. your stuff rocks.

dustin said...

dude, thanks al!

dustin said...

linked oyu up too!