Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This week's Big Pad...

I am an artist - that is how i define myself, my career path, my life, how i think. I am not some "guy" who draws for a living. It is not a JOB. It is a way of life. Not too many "non" artists see it this way... they'll look at you awkwardly. Well, i'm sorry if I'm not watching the football game and going shopping at the mall ... hanging out with friends and gossipping about what the latest hippity hop star is wearing. I'm not a recluse, but I AM an artist... and drawing is the essence of my life.

SO... with that rant out of the way... you'll notice i tend to add lots of junk onto whomever model is posing at the time. Lots of time it ends up looking like crap.

Yeah... she's got shorts on... spur of the moment, bad concept design for the torso, but i like her hands and her helmet.

Ran out of time to finish the critter, never bothered to finish... like the hair :)

The old silverback of a gorilla instructor struck this 3 minute pose with a hefty bellow "TURN ME INTO A GIRL!"... so i did :)

Time ran out on the last pose, never got to finish... but something about this drawing I like...

mmmmyeah... so that's it!


eltoromuerto said...

Fun and fantastic as always. One of these days I will make a trip up to SF and hit one of these classes with you and remember the old days. Good stuff my boy,....good stuff!

Miwa & Mikael said...

Those are sweet Al!
Love the riding space girl.

I agree with you on the Way of life thing.
Just don't forget to take your girl out some time ;)

Megan said...

Oh, no worries about that. He takes me out often enough. :)

My fav is the nazi chick. Her torso is a great shape; seems solid (I was going to say "feels solid", but you know, that just sounds wrong..).

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