Thursday, August 03, 2006

Unnatural History

Another project that I've closely worked on with Jonas McCord and Seth Piezas gets into the Press Conference! Read it here @ Animation Magazine!

Holy Cow... 65 episodes???


Miwa & Mikael said...

Albert is back!

akt said...


yay drawings!

i want to illustrate my own pieces when i'm outside of work - but i get soooo friggin' tired that i just veg out in front of the computer or playing games or work on something else.

eltoromuerto said...

I hear that. But its good to see stuff your working on get some notice though. Looks good Al.

Grant Alexander said...

You lazy bum! Get to work. Stop playing video games.

Nice stuff man!

Grant Alexander said...

By the way, I saw the "Lucy" clip on youtube.

Funny! But bad. Funny! I don't want to go to hell for watching this.

akt said...

Yeap. Lucy will take a while to hit production though - lots of Legal Hurdles to overcome (sigh). at leaset Unnatural History's got distribution and I got that KTVU interview coming up.

The Laughing Chimp said...

Al's Updates! That's what I was hungry for!
Great stuff! It's always refreshing to see your artwork.
Nice ones, man.

珊珊李 said...